Ashley Bell
Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia, Ashley made occasional visits to Charleston during family vacations spent on Edisto Island each summer. Upon graduating from Columbia University’s Teachers College, she decided to leave the beautiful chaos of NYC behind to return to the place she’d loved as a child. Shortly after arriving in Charleston in 1999, she discovered yoga while seeking ways to manage the stress of working in two underserved public schools. She knew at once that she wanted to share this tool as a means of empowering students to embrace their individuality and recognize its value to the world at large.


Since completing her first 200-hour training in 2003, she has been teaching yoga anywhere and everywhere, sometimes logging as many as 1500 miles in one month traveling to studios and private spaces in Charleston County alone. She has taught workshops throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, served on the faculty at the College of Charleston and has E-RYT 500 and YACEP designations from the Yoga Alliance. Ashley founded Reverb not because she believes so much in the power of yoga, but in the power of individuals to create the change that the seek in their own lives.

Beth Cosi

Beth is the founder of Bendy Brewski Yoga. She has done amazing things to introduce people not just in Charleston, but also by way of imitation as well as cooperation, folks as far away as Australia, to the power of the practice.  She has extensive experience with GO Interactive Wellness teaching corporate yoga, and trained in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.  She’s all about building community, one authentic conversation at a time.

Cathryn Zommer

Cathryn Zommer serves as the director for Enough Pie, a non-profit that facilitates community building through creative peacemaking on the Upper Peninsula. She is a connector, advocate, artist, filmmaker and all around powerhouse. Cathryn will offer a version of our Creative Flow class called “Monday Magic,” in which she’ll lead everyone through a Nia-inspired combination of dance, martial and healing arts set to a super soulful soundtrack. All proceeds from the Monday Magic go directly to support Enough Pie’s mission. For more about Cathryn and Enough Pie visit www.enoughpie.org.

Chelsea Vurgason

Chelsea grew up dancing and continued to pursue her passion as both an artist and a teacher in early adulthood.  She discovered yoga in 2007 and became more immersed in the practice at Mission Yoga, where she attended her first class on their second day of being open to the public.  She completed her 200-hour training at Mission in 2014.  In addition to teaching adults, she empowers children in Title 1 schools with yoga mindfulness practices through the Yoga Kidz program.

Christine Wall

After teaching in the fitness and wellness industry in and around Durham, NC for over a decade, Christine moved to Charleston in early 2017 to be with her fiancé.  A lifelong athlete, Christine has plenty of experience with injury and recovery.  She finds that yoga continues to give her resources to support her own journey with grace – and these personal lessons have helped her to empathize with students in a deeper way.  Since finishing her 200-hour certification at Franklin Street Yoga in Chapel Hill, she has studied with Doug Swenson and Seane Corn.

Claire Wagner

Claire had her first exposure to yoga as a theater student in high school and received her 200-hour training while working as an actor in New York City.  Since then she has studied Yin yoga and anatomy at Gaea Yoga in Mount Pleasant as well as energy and the subtle body at Laughing Lotus.  Claire loves that yoga is willing to embrace us as we are, where we are.

Crystal Wellman

Crystal has been practicing yoga since she was 14 years old.  She is a professional dancer, and most recently she helped to found Ballet Evolution here in Charleston.  Her original certification is from Yoga One in Charlotte, and she recently studied anatomy with Tiffany Cruikshank in NYC.   Crystal offers creative, fluid sequences that feel balanced and empowering.  She has a way of moving folks to get them out of their heads and into a game-changing feeling of embodiment.

Gail Corvette

Gail has lived and traveled all over the world, and this global perspective adds to her natural empathy and capacity to connect.  She’s certified in Anusara Yoga, and that heart-centered practice is the perfect match for her.  Gail has developed a Recovery Yoga program for folks healing patterns of addiction.  She’s also connected strongly to the senior yoga community and currently teaches at the MUSC Wellness Center.

Jenny Brown

Jenny is the founder and main instructor at Shaka Surf School on Folly Beach.  She’s an all-star surfer and a local legend.  In addition to being an incredibly reassuring and encouraging force in the water, she’s been teaching yoga and pranayama for 15+ years.  She routinely leads yoga classes on the beach both independent of and in conjunction with surf sessions.  She knows that the ocean and the earth as whole are constantly reminding us how to fall back into rhythm, and she shares those messages beautifully.

Jolee McLeod

Jolee is a yoga teacher and personal trainer who currently serves as the company fitness expert for the South Carolina Federal Credit Union.  She has an incredible ability to teach classes that have a strong physicality balanced by a deep but accessible spirituality.  She also has a great sense of humor, especially in moments that help to easefully soften her students into those vulnerable places that allow us to touch our potential to shift.

Lane McCluer

Lane recently completed her YTT through the Mindful Vinyasa training at Mission Yoga.  She is smart as hell, but somehow still manages to be beautifully warm and down-to-earth.  She effortlessly and thoughtfully weaves philosophical threads through a practice like she’s a seasoned pro.  Lane also teaches classes at the Sand Dunes Club on Sullivan’s Island.

McKenzie Eddy

McKenzie is a community activist and humanitarian, and we’ve been talking about Reverb – especially the opportunity to acknowledge and address the socio-economic barriers that prevent all people from embracing the power of spiritual practice since before she completed her Holy Cow teacher training this past year.  She’s also a gifted musician who loves to collaborate, most recently as one-fifth of the dynamic and politically conscious Very Hypnotic Soul Band.  McKenzie has a strong voice and a commitment to cultivating connection.

Micky Kerwick

Micky has spent most her life in Charleston, with extended chapters in New York, New Orleans and Turkey. Her enthusiastic pursuit of dance and athletics, and the injuries that she experienced as a result, continue to inform her teaching, along with books on the intersection of neurology and yoga and her ongoing desire to seek out inspiring teachers with varied backgrounds. Micky has recently launched an HR consulting group focused on hiring, training and leadership development.

Nabila Piper

Nabila is a former pro-snowboarder who completed her training at Mission Yoga in 2015.  After feeling the effects of the pressure to overachieve on the mountain as well as in the classroom (graduating early), she has developed a teaching presence that really encourages students to embrace where they are and breathe gradually but confidently into their potential.  She has an affinity for incorporating restorative shapes and myofascial release techniques into her classes. She volunteers for Yoga Kidz, has jumped in to teach for BBY, and currently leads several classes for Eco/BTY.

Sal Familia

Sal has been studying and teaching yoga since the 1970s, which has made him “both an active participant in and astonished witness to the evolution of yoga in the US ever since.”  Sal’s dialogical teaching style interweaves ancient texts with contemporary wisdom, providing a foundation for the mindfulness practices he shares.  Since moving to Charleston from New York several years ago, Sal has been engaging experienced practitioners and supporting those who are new to mediation through both weekly and series classes.

Steven Willard

Steven Willard began practicing Yoga in order to heal injuries and handle stress, then got hooked on feeling better. He completed his 200 hour certification in 2007. His classes are rooted in the concept of doing less harm – ahimsa. Every class is different, but all are intense, playful, sometimes funny, sometimes loud and challenging. His aim is to provide a supportive, energetic and challenging environment which enables students to discover the life-changing power of the yoga for themselves. Steven teaches Yoga OutLoud on the first Sunday of every month, welcoming, those from the LGBTQ community and their allies for an inclusive practice.

Reverb Yoga


The Yoga of Detachment

Sadly, Reverb will close its doors on January 31st, 2018. Over the last nine months, I have enjoyed connecting with each and every one of you as a part of my mission to bring a new concept in yoga and wellness to Charleston. However, we have encountered several major barriers to growth that are preventing the business from continuing operation. The chief issue is the lack of sound insulation in our main studio. read more.


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