Reverberations: July Newsletter

Holiday Schedule
On Monday, July 3rd we are running an abbreviated schedule:
9:30am Lotus Flow Essentials (all are welcome) w/Ashley
12:15pm Flow (some experience suggested) w/Lane
4:00pm Magic Monday (support Enough Pie, all are welcome, ages 5 to adult) w/Cathryn
6:00pm Center + Unwind (all are welcome) w/Ashley
On Tuesday, July 4th we’ll have a “One for All / Freedom for All” class with the beloved Beth Cosi at 9:30am.
Upcoming Schedule Changes
Wednesday’s morning’s Unwind Storytime will come off the schedule for now, but those folks who’ve been loving the morning stretch can catch Unwind with Beth at 9:30am Tuesdays beginning on 7/11.  Ashley will bring back Unwind Storytime as a series in the Fall!
Run-for-All is BACK! Rives Poe, an elite runner and Ashley Bell, Reverb’s fearless leader / reluctant slow-poke, will be leading Run-for-All as a 4-week series beginning Wednesday, July 5th at 6am.  We’ll do 10 minutes of mobility work, then run/walk at our own paces for 30 minutes, then spend 20 minutes stretching it out on the lawn next to the studio.  $20 for the series or drop in when you can!
Light Lines: An Original Contemporary Ballet at Reverb
Reverb instructor Crystal Wellman has danced professionally all over the country.  In this, the off-season for her local home company Ballet Evolution, she has planned an awesome event in the box at Reverb.  Light Lines, choreographed by Crystal, will feature a collection of talented and passionate local dancers and celebrate both the beautiful architecture of our main studio as well as the human form.  Ticket prices include light food and drinks from local F&B creatives.  For further info and to purchase tickets visit:
Friday + Saturday, 7/14 + 7/15, doors at 7:00pm, show at 7:30pm
Dana Flynn: Charleston Bound!
Dana Flynn is known around the world in the yoga community for her big heart, contagious laugh and outrageously creative approach to asana.  Her studio in Manhattan is continually voted the best in NYC, and she was included in Yoga Journals recent list of the 10 Influential Yoga Teachers who have shaped yoga in America.  She’ll be right here at Reverb for three classes the weekend of July 28th, as well as a special workshop just for yoga teachers on Saturday the 29th.  Read more in an earlier post our blog or click here to register.
Do Better. Feel Better. Pass It On.
Outreach and accessibility are key aspects of Reverb’s mission.  Our two weekly donation based classes have raised over $1400 for Enough Pie (creating conversation and community around art and activism) and Friends of the Charleston Center (providing financial support for those seeking treatment from chemical addiction) since we opened on April 10th!  Many people in our free weekly off-site community classes and who pay using our self-selected drop-in option have shared that they would not be able to embrace the benefits of yoga without these opportunities.  If you want to further support our efforts to make these practices more readily available, please consider a Pay-It-Forward monthly draft option.  At $100 per month, you receive unlimited yoga, 20% off on retail and the knowledge that your extra $15 per month helps empower others.  For more info read our earlier blog post on Accessibility: The Money Issue.


Dana Trixie Flynn Brings the BIG MAGIC!

Reverb Charleston is thrilled to host a weekend with Dana Trixie Flynn! Click here to register.
Dana is an internationally celebrated yoga figure, community builder and co-creator of Lotus Flow, the soul-powered yogic movement system that frees you to move like You. She was named one of Yoga Journal’s top 10 Influential Teachers who have shaped Yoga in America. When she’s not traveling, you’ll find her at Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in NYC, Brooklyn and New Orleans. Dana’s raw and generous spirit has inspired teachers and students around the globe to spread a message of love, community and service.
Friday Night MAGICAL MASH-UP: Dana Trixie Flynn and Ashley Bell
6:00 – 7:30pm
Kick off the weekend with a BIG Celebration featuring sweet beats and fluid asana.  Free your body and unleash your spirit at the deep end of the dance floor. ($25 in advance* / $30 at the door)
Saturday Morning SOUL SWEAT w/ DTF
8:00 – 9:00am
Rise and SHINE with a signature Lotus Flow class: a celebration of inspired movement, conscious breathing, and vibrant music to create an experience of transformation ($25 in advance* / $30 at the door)
Sunday Morning GOSPEL FLOW w/DTF
10:00 – 11:30am
Part Gospel, Part Sweat Fest, designed to lift you UP!  We will merge wildly creative asanas, signature poses, and liquid backbends to create a sacred celebration of Togetherness. How free do you want to be? Using music, movement and our powerful Life Force, we will stay inspired on this Divine Path to Self Discovery, Freedom and Friendship! ($25 in advance* / $30 at the door)
*Sign up for all three sessions for $65.
Saturday RYT Workshop: The Teacher’s SACRED TOOLBOX w/ DTF
For Registered Yoga Teachers Only
9:30am – 12:00pm
Get ready to energize your practice and teaching so it’s fresh each day. Revel in the choreography of Super Sequencing by exploring fun and bold ways to move and transition. Celebrate the sun with playful namaskars, and build the flow with fluid asanas, body mudras, and creative arm balances. Incorporate momentum and rhythm with a skillful playlist so that the music and movement merge into one. ($40 in advance)



Accessibility: The Money Obstacle

Our mission at Reverb Charleston is to find as many ways as possible to make mindfulness practices more accessible.  Charleston boasts an impressive collection of excellent yoga studios doing amazing work.  Yet over the years after talking to students and would-be practitioners, I found that many folks still find yoga itself unapproachable.  Considering these collected conversations, I began to devise a program to address the issues around the physical limitations, philosophical concerns and budgetary constraints that prevent people from exploring yoga as a resource.
At Reverb, we have several systems in place that attempt to address making the practice more accessible across typical socio-economic barriers.  Overall, we decided to eliminate special discounts for particular populations and create one set of rates for everyone that is, as a result, on par with market averages. Our online drop-in rate is $15, but anyone may come to the studio and join any regularly scheduled class for a self-selected rate of $5-$15.
When it comes to budgetary constraints, there are often many issues at play. For some people, yoga is simply too expensive.  For others, it may be a juggling act to adjust their budget to accommodate the investment, thus delaying – sometimes indefinitely – their ability to attend class.  As a single mother who worked seven days a week and still spent some time receiving government assistance, I couldn’t have afforded yoga classes if I hadn’t been allowed to attend in studios where I taught free of charge.  I understand firsthand how difficult it is to justify making one’s own health and wellness a priority when times are tough.
If you’ve ever lived through truly dire financial straits, you know that’s when you need yoga the most.  At Reverb anyone may self-select a drop-in rate at any time for any regularly scheduled class.  Simply come to the studio before the class you’d like to attend, offer any amount between $5 and $15, and you’re are all set to practice – no questions asked, no judgements, no expectations or exceptions.
In addition to offering the $5 – $15 rates in-house, we offer free weekly classes out in the community near to the studio.  This outreach is an effort to meet and learn from our neighbors and to let them know that we want to see them, hear their stories, and share these tools with them.  By forging these relationships, we hope they will also feel welcome at Reverb – expanding ideas about what a yoga practitioner might look like or sound like, where they might be from, or why they might be invested in or curious about the practice.
To offset the cost of our free outreach classes and our self-selected drop-in rates, we offer our monthly membership (regularly $85) at a $100 per month rate.  These “Pay-It-Forward” memberships (available under “Contracts” on our retail site) come with free onsite mat storage and discounts on merchandise – representing Reverb’s investment in each student who desires to invest in the community at large.  If the extra “Pay-It-Forward” membership funds exceed the costs of the drop-in rates and the off-site classes, we will create scholarship opportunities for special events and workshops.  We also offer corporate partnerships that allow local businesses to sponsor our outreach classes while linking their employees to special corporate rates.
If we each extend a hand, it creates the opportunity for us to give what we can and receive what we need.  Our payment structures have been established not for any of us to reach down to lift another up, but to recognize that by reaching out to each other across unspoken barriers we can deepen the fabric of our communities, one thread of experience at a time.  Reverb exists to support these types of experiences and derives its name from this mission.
One common meaning of the word “reverberate” is to “be reflected many times” or “to cast back light.”  Whether or not you are able to “pay-it-forward” financially, your willingness to invest in your health and wellbeing ensures that you are able “cast back light,” staying better resourced so that you can take better care of yourself and those around you – which creates a reverberation that positively impacts the community at large.
Feel Better.  Do Better.  Pass It On.


Yoga with Ashley Bell

While we wait for our space to be ready, Lululemon King Street has invited Reverb owner/director Ashley Bell to teach a class at Cannon Green on Spring Street on Wednesday, Feb 15 from 5:30-6:30 pm. The class will be held outside in their beautiful courtyard (with space heaters if needed) weather permitting, or we’ll use their indoor event space.
Get your voucher here.


Reverb Colors

When someone once asked my daughter to name her favorite color, she said, “all the colors even the ones I don’t know about yet.” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. When it came time to work on the Reverb logo with Buff Ross of Alloneword Design, narrowing down the palette proved to be my biggest challenge.
It had taken me a full eight months to select “Reverb” as the project’s name (visit our “about” page for the why behind that word), and I didn’t have another eight months to work out the visuals. Buff sent me a link to an online tool that Adobe provides to help users explore a variety of color schemes. I ultimately decided that I wanted to pick two complementary colors for the logo.
Complementary colors live opposite of one another on the color wheel. The term “complementary” comes from the fact that these two opposite colors “complete” the spectrum, ultimately neutralizing one another when combined in the proper ratios. This seemed like an apropos color scheme for a studio offering experiences that aim to balance effort and ease, mobility and stability, action and acceptance.
I became drawn to the warm colors of spices shown in photographs of the markets in India, a bow to the historical origins of yoga practice and philosophy. A spicy yellow hue, turmeric is widely known for its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. It has been routinely used in Indian cooking, as well as ceremonially, for thousands of years .
When I found a shade in the turmeric family that I liked, I clicked the magic button and immediately received its complement: a deep, cool purplish-blue shade of indigo – a crop connected to creative process, a necessary resource for both beauty and bounty with deep history in these parts of South Carolina.
And so the happy couple – turmeric and indigo – became the core colors of Reverb Charleston. This pair reflects union in opposition, warm and cool, east and west, far off lands and familiar landscapes, past and future, and, like a reverberation, the list of metaphor and meaning goes on and on…

Reverb Yoga


Reverberations: July Newsletter

It's going to be a bright, sunshiny month at Reverb Charleston! With the debut of a contemporary ballet choreographed by one of our very own to a visit from one of America's most beloved yoga teachers, we've got plenty to be excited about 'round these parts! We've got a few additions and changes to our regular schedule to share as well, so click to learn more... read more.


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