A modern meaning of the term “reverberation” is “a continuing effect.” An archaic meaning is “to return,” and linguists have even connected reverb to the proto-Indo-European term “werb” meaning “to bend”.

At Reverb, we believe our name represents some of the greatest benefits of yoga practice. By learning to bend with a little more ease, we are less likely to break. By choosing to get on the mat, we return to the simplest and most vital of processes: breathing. We return to what is essential to feeling good. And when we feel better, we are more likely to do better.

When we are suffering, we tend to be on the defensive, protecting the remaining shards and shreds of our sanity and patience. When we are resourced and refreshed, we can see more clearly, feel more fully and act more courageously. Connecting to our strength and freedom reminds us that we are alive, and that life is precious and powerful. Our willingness to take care of ourselves has a continuing effect, and it echoes in our words and actions. By investing in ourselves we improve the fabric of our community as a whole – and that’s what Reverb is all about.



A hatha-style practice that explores stability and mobility at a more modified pace with straightforward transitions between shapes. Unlike Flow practices which demand much of the wrists and shoulders, Center classes have less “up and down,” thus allowing students to feel more rooted throughout the session. Core strength and stability are challenged, but plenty of time is dedicated to flexibility as well. By exploring balance, you’ll find your center.
  • Variations:

    Center Your Day - This Center class is designed for folks who want to pause and reset in the middle of their day.  The 50-minute format allows plenty of space for a strong, grounding sequence while providing extra transition time to and from your workplace.

    Recovery Yoga – This class is for anyone that wants to explore how yoga fits in with a program of recovery from an addiction: from anything (alcohol, substances, gambling, food, sex, etc.).  This 90-minute class will start with a confidential group discussion which we will “take to the mat” for an hour-long yoga practice. This practice is accessible to all, even those who have never tried yoga.


Shift classes give you the chance to do a little less so you can feel a little more. If you’ve been yearning for freedom from the rat race, then make a bee-line for a Shift class. Gear down, drop in, and get resourced.
  • Variations:

    Unwind - Using Yin Yoga, myofascial release techniques, and other practices from the yoga, fitness and wellness industries, these sessions remove tension from the body and mind. In unwind classes, students will find themselves mostly lying down or seated – on the floor or in specially designed yoga chairs – to explore ways to stretch hips, shoulders, and hamstrings, as well as lots of other parts you might not have even known you could stretch!

    Unwind the Week - Cap off your week and kick off the weekend with this "slow and low - that is the tempo" themed practice.  This class is primarily deep stretch with some elements of easeful, rhythmic movement and a super chill soundtrack.

    Meditation – Sitting in stillness and calming the mind puts many of us far beyond our comfort zones. Beginning meditation without the support of an experienced teacher can be frustrating and seem futile, but with guidance these powerful practices can be truly life-changing.


Our Kids classes combine the visual arts and creative writing elements of our Creative Flow classes with yoga practices designed with children in mind. Reverb Founder Ashley Bell leans on her graduate studies in art education and her years of experience teaching yoga and interdisciplinary education to craft these classes to meet the developmental needs of each student.
  • Additional Info:

    Having taught preschool for many years, Ashley doesn't set firm age limits but asks for parental cooperation in ensuring that the class is developmentally appropriate for their children. Hour-long kids classes are best suited for ages 5 and up. Two prerequisites are non-negotiable:

    1) Children must be completely independent in the bathroom.
    2) Children must have some childcare/school experience to ensure that the transition away from the caregiver and into a group setting is not traumatic in any way.

    Beginning in Middle School, children may attend adult classes.

    Please inquire for information about children’s parties or privately scheduled group classes for kids.


Be prepared to move. This style of yoga will take you up and down, maybe even upside down, over the course of the session. In the end, “by turning, turning, we come ‘round right.” Straight-up Flow classes will always include sun salutations and powerful standing sequences, followed by sufficient time at the end of the practice to ground and relax.
  • Variations:

    Lotus Flow – A mythology-infused, playful practice developed at Laughing Lotus in New York, guided by resident Lotus certified teacher and Reverb founder Ashley Bell.

    Magic Monday - A Nia-inspired combination of dance, martial and healing arts set to a super soulful soundtrack.

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Reverberations: July Newsletter

It's going to be a bright, sunshiny month at Reverb Charleston! With the debut of a contemporary ballet choreographed by one of our very own to a visit from one of America's most beloved yoga teachers, we've got plenty to be excited about 'round these parts! We've got a few additions and changes to our regular schedule to share as well, so click to learn more... read more.


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